I’ve been working like an oompa loompa on speed to get everything ready for my assessments. My transcription magazine has been finished and ordered, my support work for it has been put in a tidy orderly fashion in a portfolio for display. I’ve updated my creative futures file, I am however disappointed with this work because I’m not receiving any feedback for it… I have the boards ready to do but I need to use the printer at college for the images etc. I’ve been working on my video/sculpture timeline too, my video work for that is going horrendously wrong though. 

I’m not happy with a few aspects of my work, but I feel confident about others. Hopefully by the time of my assessments I will have been able to get everything together nicely. 

BEHANCE – Online Portfolio

BEHANCE – Online Portfolio

Online portfolio



Bit of a giggle

My transcription project will be a magazine that mocks Greek Gods, however it will have serious content discussing how we see ourselves, and our sexual identity, and how the media plays a part in that. I felt this important (to me anyway) issue needed some light humor alongside it, so the advertisements in the magazine will all be little mythology based jokes. Enjoy one of my favorites: 


I really don’t enjoy video.

We’ve been doing this video/sculpture workshop and I really aren’t a fan of video. Loving the sculpture bits though! Heres some “artsy” photos of some of my work for the video. ImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImage


Been working on some prints today for my materials and processes work. Its been really fun revisiting techniques I haven’t used in a while. 


Busy Brains

Please like this page. It’s about raising awareness of Mental Health issues through art. Just started, so it’s a little bare, but it’s an important issue for me, and updates will be coming soon. 

Thank you x


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