Art by Terri Jones

Group Show!

I will be participating in a group show at Galeri Caernarfon, opening 17th of April!

Video piece

Check out my latest video, just a minute of your time! Inspired by the video in “The Ring”, and combined with a creepy story from my village:

My youtube channel


check out my updates for materials and processes which is being assessed now

and check out my fine art research methods which is ongoing


HELL yes

New Module

Starting Fine Art Research Methods, so I have created a new page to post updates in.

Can be found under YEAR 2.


I’ve been very unwell for over a week (nearly two weeks). Started off with a stomach pain, but has since turned into flu. I thought I was getting better last weekend, and boy was I wrong. Spent the past few days in bed, or on the sofa having trouble breathing, feeling like I’ve been for a few rounds with an MMA fighter, and a seriously nasty migraine.

Just had a massive coughing fit that’s left me light headed and in a lot of pain in my chest. You get the idea.

Updated For The New Academic Year

  • All Posts have been sorted and placed in a page, known as “Year 1”
  • Updates on my work for second year will be posted here, then they will be removed and re-posted on the “Year 2” page once a new update is posted
  • Personal and non-specific posts will be posted and will remain here


I’ve been feeling very low the past couple of weeks and it’s put me in a spiral leading to lack of inspiration. I’ve tried hard to keep drawing but sadly nothing’s coming to me. I start back in uni on the 23rd and I hope my creativity returns. There have been a lot of personal issues recently and sadly they don’t seem to have a light at the end of the tunnel (yet).

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