I’ve been very unwell for over a week (nearly two weeks). Started off with a stomach pain, but has since turned into flu. I thought I was getting better last weekend, and boy was I wrong. Spent the past few days in bed, or on the sofa having trouble breathing, feeling like I’ve been for a few rounds with an MMA fighter, and a seriously nasty migraine.

Just had a massive coughing fit that’s left me light headed and in a lot of pain in my chest. You get the idea.


I’ve been feeling very low the past couple of weeks and it’s put me in a spiral leading to lack of inspiration. I’ve tried hard to keep drawing but sadly nothing’s coming to me. I start back in uni on the 23rd and I hope my creativity returns. There have been a lot of personal issues recently and sadly they don’t seem to have a light at the end of the tunnel (yet).