The beginning of the end

I have started on my final university project for my BA Fine art course! It is the beginning of the end of this chapter of my life.

Check out THIS PAGE for updates on the project, and wish me luck!

tARt x


100 reasons I hate contemporary art

Slightly misleading title? I don’t know, but recently, I’ve been thinking, why this “stuff” is in galleries, being praised by “critics”. My comments in my Liverpool Biennial sketchbook are quite sassy, and I haven’t even been to the shows yet.

1) Video, video, video, video, video


3) Shit drawings

4) Badly painted flowers

5) (commenting on a drawing I made) Irrelevant to Liverpool but much more interesting

6) “Oh look a Nando’s not to far from the Walker” Because eating is more interesting than the paintings. 

7) Damien Hirst

8) Tracy Emin

9) “Elegant” ? “Impressive” ? ARE YOU BLIND?!

10) Are you on drugs?

11) How does that have anything to do with anything?

12) What about real artists? You know the ones who make amazing images?

13) Oh pop surrealism isn’t “art”? Fuck you. 

14) I painted this because… 


16) I just felt like it!

17) Wait… walking down a runway cutting yourself and bleeding onto the floor is art? o.O

18) Are you on more drugs?

19) Abjection

… ect.