Modern, post Modern, and all that Jazz

To understand art of today, you need to know where it all comes from. Art used to be very strict. Consisting of portraits, landscapes, or religious depictions. What do we have now? Cows chopped in half in formaldehyde, a messy bed (I hate these pieces actually). Art used to be given a meaning by the commissioner, or artist.

“I want a portrait of my face!” So that’s what it was. Or, maybe a story from the bible needed a nice picture to go with it. So that’s what it was.

Now you look at art and think “What on earth is that supposed to mean?!” Then you stand there thinking about it, and come up with all these silly ideas. Then you read a tiny statement by the artist explaining it, and you go “Oooh, but I THINK…”

It’s not about what the artist says it is anymore. Its about you looking and thinking. Art is a thinking game, and the artists are the banker.