I feel like I’ve forgotten how to make art. I’ve been so wrapped up in trying to figure out an intelligent way to go about my summer homework, that I’ve lost my art-mojo. I’ve jumped from one idea to the other on this project and I feel like its all for naught. Any attempt I make seems to fail, and I am not happy with my drawing skills, its like I’ve lost the ability or something.

I hate this homework, I’ve had nothing but trouble with it. I don’t know what I’m doing anymore.

I find myself quite often debating whether or not I’m on the right course, whether I should be trying to find a real career, because from this summer homework I’ve gone downhill. So many people say art students only do art so they don’t have to get a real job. What is a real job? I don’t even know If I will get a job, nobody does unless its working in a supermarket. This world is messed up, but that’s a whole other blog post.



This is my fucking response.

So I was supposed to go to Liverpool on Saturday, but due to unforeseen circumstances that didn’t happen. I decided to have a look online at the shortlisted artists for the JMPP, and was quite honestly disgusted.

Here I am trying to find inspiration for my summer homework, and that bullshit fills my screen. I’m sorry but what retarded planet are we on? That work, pretty much all of the entries posted on the website are pitiful. You would think that something so “big” as this prize would have decent work. I cannot believe the poor quality of the work on show. I haven’t even been to the actual show, but from what I have seen on the website, I don’t think I will bother.

What happened to art?

*shakes head in disgust*

To make this all seem better, here are some examples of work that I would consider for a prize, because the artists have actually put a lot of work and technique into their pieces rather than the shit you see above.


Russ Mills


Wojtek Fus


Agnes Cecile


Camille Rose Garcia

Buff Monster mural

Buff Monster


James Jean


Ray Cesar


Jeff Soto


audrey kawasaki

Welcome to Liverpool Biennial 2014. The 8th Biennial Exhibition, A Needle Walks into a Haystack, is curated by Mai Abu ElDahab and Anthony Huberman. It takes place across the city at venues including The Old Blind School (former Trade Union Centre), the Bluecoat, FACT and Tate Liverpool. Also featured as part of Liverpool Biennial 2014 are the John Moores Painting Prize, Bloomberg New Contemporaries, exhibitions at Open Eye Gallery and LJMU’s Exhibition Research Centre (Partner Exhibitions). In addition, there will be work by artists and curators throughout the city

  • A
  • Uri Aran
  • B
  • Marc Bauer
  • C
  • Bonnie Camplin
  • Jef Cornelis
  • D
  • Jeremiah Day
  • E
  • Chris Evans
  • H
  • Rana Hamadeh
  • Louise Hervé & Chloé Maillet
  • Judith Hopf
  • J
  • Aaron Flint Jamison
  • Norma Jeane
  • K
  • Angie Keefer
  • L
  • Nicola L.
  • William Leavitt
  • Sharon Lockhart
  • P
  • Claude Parent
  • R
  • Christina Ramberg
  • S
  • Michael Stevenson
  • Josef Strau
  • V
  • Amelie von Wulffen
  • W
  • Peter Wächtler
  • James McNeill Whistler

Finished the year with a 2:1. I’m happy with it, but I will do better next year!


First year has pretty much come to an end. I think I will set myself some tasks.

1. Keep creative

2. Learn to photograph work properly

3. Develop ideas


I have always had a hatered for video, so I focused mainly on the sculpture. I ended up creating a piece made from bamboo that was an extension of my house. The idea was to create a piece that combined natural forms and industrial influences inspired by the london visit.

I have finished my transcription and today the tutors are assessing it. I think overall I have done quite well. My choices have been inspired, risky, and well executed. There was always going to be some mistakes, but I am very pleased with my results.


I’ve been working like an oompa loompa on speed to get everything ready for my assessments. My transcription magazine has been finished and ordered, my support work for it has been put in a tidy orderly fashion in a portfolio for display. I’ve updated my creative futures file, I am however disappointed with this work because I’m not receiving any feedback for it… I have the boards ready to do but I need to use the printer at college for the images etc. I’ve been working on my video/sculpture timeline too, my video work for that is going horrendously wrong though.

I’m not happy with a few aspects of my work, but I feel confident about others. Hopefully by the time of my assessments I will have been able to get everything together nicely.

COVER jpeg

blurb super


My transcription project will be a magazine that mocks Greek Gods, however it will have serious content discussing how we see ourselves, and our sexual identity, and how the media plays a part in that. I felt this important (to me anyway) issue needed some light humor alongside it, so the advertisements in the magazine will all be little mythology based jokes. Enjoy one of my favorites:


We’ve been doing this video/sculpture workshop and I really aren’t a fan of video. Loving the sculpture bits though! Heres some “artsy” photos of some of my work for the video. ImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImage

Been working on some prints today for my materials and processes work. Its been really fun revisiting techniques I haven’t used in a while.



Please like this page. It’s about raising awareness of Mental Health issues through art. Just started, so it’s a little bare, but it’s an important issue for me, and updates will be coming soon.

Thank you x

Image Update for SculptureXvideo = matchstick sculpty thing 😀




My transcription has turned into creating a Magazine based on art and culture magazines and celeb mags. I am portraying the Greek Gods as modern day celebrities.

They will be a mixture of photography and illustration. I have chosen to do this as a way of bringing the original to modern culture, and using it as a tool to discuss how people/Celebrity are portrayed in the media. Highly unrealistic, “perfect” people. This is also a way of discussing feminism, and commenting on gender and sexuality in today’s world, which relates to the discussion that Venus AND Cupid are objects of the male gaze in Bronzino’s allegory. Image










I regret not taking my snazzy camera with me that night. The tunnel of street art amazed me. I never wanted to leave. The work on those walls was beautiful and has been a huge influence on me.








Sunday 16th Feburary – Train to London 12:17 from Bangor straight through to London



Sign on the toilet in the train is genius!


Arrived in London at 3:45 pm, arrived at the apartment at 4 pm.

Let the exploring begin!

I haven’t posted anything in ages! I do apologize! Time has just flown by!

Things we’ve missed:

London Trip

Transcription Update

Video and Sculpture class

Print class

Creative futures

Incoming post spam!


Venus, folly, and so much pencil….

Started a drawing to scale of Venus, Cupid, Folly and Time today. I’ve gotten most of the basic pencil lines done, and hope to continue tomorrow. Recreating the drawing to proportion is very difficult and challenging. I didn’t enjoy it very much, but now that I have the foundations down, I think the drawing will become much more enjoyable to work on. As the painting has darkened parts, I decided to lighten it and make it grey-scale and was exited to find that the dark parts hide details. I’m sure in the original isn’t as dark, and I will find out in a couple of weeks when I travel to London to see the original. I’m very exited about the trip, and I think it will inspire me greatly!


pinkish red roses

a golden apple



ruby coloured jewel






red cushion with gold trim

lapis blue fabric

green plant

bell bracelet



Colour studies

construction of spacial depth

sketchbook work

Monday evening I started feeling unwell, and this ended up with me leaving uni early on Tuesday and having to take a couple of days off. I’ve dosed myself up with cold and flu meds and calpol, and I’m feeling somewhat better. This has not helped my work this week. Week one of Transcription and I have barely scraped together some work. I am away this weekend too, so I doubt I’ll get much done. A trip to Brighton always makes me happy, so hopefully I will be back in uni on Monday, ready and eager to get cracking! Image

Much research on the symbols in the painting though! I have always had a strong interest in signs and symbols.

Module 2 has officially started! I am very exited about this brief. We are working on a transcription, which is (in basic terms) our own version of someone else’s work. Since assessments last week, I have been restless waiting for today’s brief and boy am I happy to get started! Our choice of work was limited to paintings that are in the National Gallery in London, and pre 20th Century. The sheer amount of paintings are incredible, and many of them just ooze beauty. I have decided to work with Agnolo Bronzino’s allegory “Venus, Cupid, Folly and Time”. Painted in 1540-46, at 1.46 meters by 1.16 meters, in oil on wood.


The piece contains so much, its very busy. It’s that fact that drew me to it. I was interested in looking at how the female form is depicted, and also by the symbolism within the piece. I’ve already spent the entire day, and most of my evening researching the work and symbols within the piece. Enthusiastic is my middle name!

respond to the work of:

I am so terrible at writing essays. Responding to the work of Robert Motherwell, choosing his “Elegies to the Spanish Republic”, I have no idea what to write, it’s all in my head, but as soon as I open up that word document…. BLANK!

I’ve gotten a few sentences down, no idea if they make any sense, as you can probably tell, my writing style is a bit all over the place, and written how i would talk to a friend, no formality or big words.

Oh boy.


Assessments went all right I think. Honestly, I just want to get started on something new.

Going to have a clean out of old stuff and start fresh, got some ideas building. Had a look at abject art. My mother does not like the idea of me doing work that would fit into that “style”. I suppose she’s worried that its about degrading ones self in order to make art, or even harming ones self to make art (Franko B for one, and she’s not a fan of works like Sarah Lucas sitting on a toilet).

I think I could probably make it differently. That’s the idea right? Make it new, make something current, something that makes people stop and think.

OK, so I got into gear and bought a new camera with my student loanie grantie thingy. Its some snazzy piece of kit, which I have no idea how to use, aspects of technology confubble my brain. Give me a ps3, or a PC, and I’m good to play games, or browse the web… fine, but ask me to do anything else? WOAH NO! I can barely operate my mobile phone!

I am however very much looking forward to trying it out!

Verbal vomit!



All ready for assessment on Monday and Wednesday!

Photographs of some of the work from Iwan Wednesdays:

1545975_10202125947323734_370438355_n 1511250_10202125933163380_1189436143_n 1514998_10202125984964675_1810220872_n

1517701_10202125759479038_2134680191_n 1546349_10202125726798221_839195587_n 1557474_10202125709477788_1451138906_n

Next week we are having our work from the first term assessed! I think overall I’ve done quite well, although I’ve been rubbish at uploading stuff on here, and photographing my artworks. I don’t actually think I have that much to show though. The pieces I do have, I’m happy with, or at least most of the work. I am very happy with a couple. (Helen Mondays)

Assessment next week of all the work from term one of Iwan Wendesdays will be much more visually interesting I think. I have a lot of strong work, and I have really enjoyed working on them. Wednesday’s have been such a contrast to Monday’s briefs even though they are only one day briefs. I think If I were to transfer the energy of Wednesday’s into my Monday and self directed study day’s I would have a portfolio of magnificent work, but I’d also end up extremely exhausted and spending my weekends in bed!

I have come to the conclusion that I am absolutely terrible at photographing my work, and terrible at uploading them here on my blog. Here’s some photos of the work I have done on “Helen Mondays” in term 1.


(Bangor brief)


(Selecting words – self brief)


(Self data brief)


(Self brief)


(Deconstruction reconstruction)


So, I’ve been trying to recreate the symptoms of Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue syndrome visually. This one was quite funny actually. One of the symptoms I have is “cognitive impairment”… shit memory. I decided I wanted to paint the gaps in my memory, set up my paper, and turned around to grab a paintbrush. When I turned back to the paper, I had forgotten what it was that I was going to paint!

I’m totally in love with abstract expressionism. I used to think a lot of it was to be honest “a bit shit”, but I have grown to love it, and embrace the fact that the way I work is very AE. Who would have thought that I originally went back to art college to be an illustrator!

Me Painting

Painting outside, photo stolen from my tutors haha.

This morning we all went outside with paper and materials for drawing, we drew dense foliage in a way where you couldn’t tell it was foliage. We were doing this to create spacial depth. This was a practice for working on a larger scale to create a resolved drawing by the end of the day.

Me being me, I decided to go big. I stapled a piece of fabriano paper between two trees:


Then I grabbed some ink and drew the leaves I could see directly in front of my feet in a very gestural way. I love working like this, like the abstract expressionists. Iwan called me “The Welsh Jackson Pollack”.


It was cold. My lips are dry and sore from being out there all morning. The afternoon was spent in the life room, resolving the pieces and “making decisions”.



This is what Iwan called “Fine art graffiti”, a name I think that fits well. I have no idea why I did what I did to this piece, but that’s the fun part! So I ended up with this monster of a piece which I am beyond proud of. I think its a great piece, and reflects me very well.


Same again next week?

I’m really rubbish at talking about my work, which is why I always think I could never make it in the art world. Its very competitive, and although I strive to do my best, my brain fog always says “No”. Suffering from Chronic Fatigue syndrome and Fibromyalgia has for lack of a better word, being absolutely shit. If you actually pay attention to my blog and have seen my other posts, you will know that I recently did a short project on my CFS and Fibromyalgia, I want these illnesses to be more known as I have had so much trouble with people not understanding in the past.

Today marks the beginning of a major project with the title “Self”. I have chosen to look back on the mini project as a starting point.

I was going to write more, but I’ve lost my train of thought, and have been distracted by something shiny.

We were asked to create a stack of papers, that were attached together by thread, and such like to bring into class today. I made mine with various wallpaper samples and plain sheets of white paper. As usual Iwan told us an interesting story, and then we got stuck into our task.

Construction – Creating the stack of papers

Deconstruction – taking it apart for,



Today’s work had its moments. I enjoyed some of it, I disliked other times, but overall, it was fun and different, and I really liked the bandage I had in front of the piece, and I took quite a few photos of it with the wall piece behind. I’m discovering that I tend to prefer the photographs I take of work rather than the actual pieces themselves.

Moving on from last week’s work on Journey and reflection where I made that brain synapses versus light reflection piece, I have looked further into the human body. I’ve always been interested in the human body, how it’s built, how it works and such. I wanted to carry on with the journey aspect and almost merge the two briefs together. So I’ve looked at inside the body. Blood travels around the body – Journey. The body, blood, self… So I found a guy called Dr Gunther Von Hagens.

He caused quite a stir when he asked for human bodies to be donated for his art. The doctor fills the veins and arteries of the body with a coloured resin. The body is then eaten away in a vat of acid, leaving only the resin. The result is quite amazing.


Now I can’t exactly do this to myself, because I’d be dead. So I decided to create a paint version. Had Hannah draw around my body on some paper, then I cut me out, taped it onto another piece of paper, and went all Jackson Pollock on it. The result was (if I do say so myself) pretty damn awesome.






I was originally going to put all my symptoms of Chronic Fatigue syndrome, and Fibromyalgia on it, but after a brief talk with Helen, I decided to put them on the cutout body beside the “Pollock” splatted body. Image


Avant garde

Cutting Edge

Old school

I do love our Peter Tuesdays, we are questioning, and learning, debating, and discussing. I always leave with a new idea of what art is. These definitions, are they relevant? How do you catogorize art into these terms. Take into account location, time, personal opinion. Is it Old school now, but back then it was cutting edge?

What’s mainstream? Its what is current, the norm, popular culture. Hipsters are anti-mainstream, but they have become mainstream, unless you do it ironically.

What is Avant garde? Experimental, innovative. Anti-art, art is not just for the rich and beautiful people.

What is cutting edge? Experimenting within what the leading artists are doing, pushing at the boundaries, but not jumping over them and doing something different, almost a mix of mainstream and avant garde.

What is Old school? Used, traditional, old-fashioned.

Journey and Reflection, Nature and Nurture.

One brief flows into the other. Its all about the brain synapses and stuff. Microscopic images of inside the human body, and how messages are journeing through us. Some bullshit like that.


This piece is a story of Journey and Reflection. The journey derives from reflection. Thoughts and such, messages travel through your brain. So brain synapses, a very organic and natural. Then there’s that Big white line, reflection in its most traditional form. An incident of light, and the reflection, on a shiny/mirrored surface.  A very non-organic form visually, but also could be quite natural. Very much taking inspiration from a Iwan Wednesday class from a few weeks ago. Everything is moulding into eachother, and i love it. I feel that this is all one big project.

So nature-Nurture. DNA, Family, Environment, Faith. It all could go back into the microscopic. Our internal stuffness, what makes us, us. How we function, why we function. Or is it all in our heads. Thoughts are travelling through them little spidery lines as I write this, and its just word vomit, but its thought provoking.

Another lesson with the awesome Scissor-hands … *cough* I mean Iwan! (It’s a compliment OK! Ed’ Scissor’ is awesome!!) Me and Hannah made cakes last night, and I decorated one for Iwan. I think it went down really well! The cakes are bloody tasty!

So todays work? Iwan showed us work by Anselm Keifer! I LOVE his work. Its been a big influence on me over the past year. I wasn’t quite myself today after being up all night writhing in pain, so I totally forgot to jot down the names of the other artists he mentioned! (I’ll find them though).

Its all about SURFACE!


Six 14inch squared pieces exploring “surface”, created from looking at the organic V non-organic work of last week. Varied use of materials, lots of varnish, lots of heat guns…

I don’t even know what words to use, a picture says a thousand words I guess.


Lately my work has been about that dark period in my life. It feels good to finally be strong enough to be able to remember that pain, but not feel it anymore. I’ve looked back upon it, and created pieces of work that (I think) reflect my emotions well.


This piece is made up of 9 mirror tiles, each with my blood smeared on them. (I didn’t cut myself, so don’t worry! I chew my fingers and they bleed sometimes). Its kind of about how I was in such a bad place but I can look into the mirror and see that I am still here, and I’m happy now, after being so depressed and suicidal.


Image Image

This was really fun to do. I’s a continuation of the piece I did last week using my body as imagery. I stripped off naked, and covered myself in paint, then created prints of myself in the style of Yves Klein. I then worked over it, by sticking images of my nude self covered in paint onto the prints, and using the body cut outs as stencil to put myself in the work. It’s a representation of how I have grown up, and I’m not an innocent girl anymore.

On a disturbing note, Iwan critiqued our work today too, and my work led him to tell us a story about when he was about 27 and being in a room with a lady “performing”… You dark horse Iwan! 

Our homework for Iwans class is to do a page a day on the subject paper and mark. This is my interpretation so far…






Lesson number two with Iwan Glyn Parry! A fantastic day of creating exiting, and inspiring art!


I am so happy with how it has turned out. We were sent into the rain to draw organic matter quickly, I think I made 16 organic images. Then were asked to create drawings of geometrical, man made,  non-organic matter.


So we worked on a large scale, on two separate pieces, one organic, and one non-organic, then merged the two together. I think my final outcome looks great. Its very bold, and full of varied lines and marks. All in all, it was an amazing, and productive day, and I have learnt a lot from it.


Monday was a day filled with creating six pieces of work about myself. I’m really happy with the pieces I have created. We filled in a questionnaire about ourselves, then created work based upon that information. Its all about research! You can’t make a piece of work out of thin air, you need inspiration, and that is what Monday’s lesson succeed in doing.


I created a piece of writing about a dark period of my life, and was thinking it would make a great performance piece. It has a lot of strong, and dark words, and is all about how I felt then, and how I feel now.


I went on to create work about the area in which this event happened, in my old house in the town of Pwllheli.


Its unfinished, but is an emotionally charged drawing about my hatred of Pwllheli and how I no longer go there. I still have a huge fear of the town. The event itself had such a huge effect on me. I have changed so much since then, I have grown up, and so created more work about how I have become an adult, and I am no longer an innocent child,


I created a cast of my right breast, and used nude photos of myself alongside images of myself as a child and baby. It made me think of how innocent children are, and how we all grow into these strange creatures who crave excitement, whether it be alcohol, drugs, or sex. So I found an old school photo, and crossed out the people who I have not seen for years.



Today was spent making myself at home in the bay, and I also got some work done. Its nice to make the space feel like my own 🙂

Today was my first life drawing class with Iwan Glyn Parry (as a BA student). I joked at calling him “The almighty one” but really he’s more of an “Edward Scissor hands” with that hair.

He has a great way of teaching, and I had so much fun today. I have black ink and paint that just wont come off my hand even after scrubbing it raw! Iwan is great at showing examples of amazing artists. I love to browse through the books he brings into the classroom and discover new artists and refresh my memory of ones I already know.


Frank Auerback (He taught Peter Pendergast, who taught Iwan)


Jackson Pollock (everyone knows Jackson pollock…)


Joan Mitchell


Richard Diebennkorn


Willem de Kooning



And finally (By far my favourite)


Avis Newman.

So want to see my work? I felt like I was tripping, it was so much fun to do!



I find that work can truly begin when you have a space to create it in. This is my space in the studio. It looks naked right now, but very soon I hope this space will be filled with inspiring works.

A piece of work we have been given is to fill in a questionnaire about ourselves and create a piece of work no bigger than 10cm3 using that DATA.

This should be interesting. Shame about the size restriction.

Oxo Tin

Oxo tin is a work in progress in relation to the exhibition currently held in the museum in Bangor.
Six artists selected items from within the museum and created work in response to them. I selected an oxo tin.
My thought process for this brief:

Oxo tin – tin – collecting – junk – nicknacks – useless junk – museum – collection – what do i collect? – museum pieces – not fulfilling their purpose – my collections – items not fulfilling their purpose – rubber ducks – don’t float – sat on a shelf – plastic – museum full of heavy wood and metal – old things made to last – new things cheap and plastic – rubber ducks – dynamic ducks – move the ducks around – movement of time.


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