Fine Art Research Methods


40 credits

400 hours

Formative assessment with feedback : 23/02/2015

Summative Assessment : 18/05/2015

(Evaluative statement can be found at the bottom the page)



I aim to “go back to basics” to create work with more traditional methods in an attempt to find new direction in my work as I feel keeping to the same theme will result in my work going “stale”. I have decided to use the word repetition as I have noticed a tendency for me to repeat themes in my work, saying the same thing over and over in different ways.


the act of repeating; repeated action, performance, production, or presentation.

repeated utterance; reiteration.

something made by or resulting from repeating.

a reproduction, copy, or replica.

Civil Law. an action or demand for the recovery of a payment ordelivery made by error or upon failure to fulfill a condition.


Front Page




I made some recordings while making repeated movements with a pencil on paper:

IMAG2895 IMAG2894


Muzot #1 1987 by Richard Deacon born 1949EM926456_942long

Richard Deacon


Repetitions of self

Repetition in the act of drawing – subject “the body” (drawings from historical art?)


IMAG2897 IMAG2898 IMAG2899


We looked at this subject in a seminar recently, and it is a subject that really interests me. I repeatedly escape to my own fantasies, either through video games, or books. Many people use escapism as a means to relieve the stress and boring nature of human life. Repeating each day in the same mundane manner.

  • Alternate realities
  • Science Fiction
  • Fantasy
  • Drugs
  • Alcohol
  • Video games
  • Books
  • Film
  • Television
  • Cosplay

While searching on pinterest I came across a self portrait of Robert Rauschenberg:


This ignited ideas of escapism, using a layering of images, this self-portrait gives the impression of the person fading away. They are here, yet they are not.



Avery creates drawings that are a narrative entirely from imagination, his sculptures of strange animal creatures are items from this narrative of an alternative reality, and they are taken from their original context (within that alternate world) and placed into our reality as ‘tourist souvenirs’ from the journey into that other world. His work questions mathematics, philosophy, and time.



Brown borrows from art history, popular culture, paintings and sculpture by Dali, Auerbach, and Rembrant, as well as science fiction illustrators. He investigates the languages of painting and how images are read by the viewer. Size, colour, surface texture, and brushwork are elements that transform the familiar into the alien.



These hyper realistic yet nightmarish creations give a feeling of life merging with a bad dream, they give a metaphorical shape to real issues of abuse and human rights in modern day Korea.



The chapman brothers create work that is confrontational, engaging with subjects such as Nazism, the holocaust and religion. They have a strong aesthetic of obscenity and horror, using elements of history, philosophy and sociology, producing work that is politically and morally ambiguous. Often depicting scenes from “hell”, which was a title of one of their works including miniature models. The work was destroyed in a fire, and a new piece “fucking hell” has since been created.


  • A mental diversion by means of entertainment or recreation,
  • an escape from the unpleasant or banal aspects of daily life.
  • Actions people take to help relieve persisting feelings of depression or general sadness.

my escape


IMAG2901 IMAG2900 IMAG2902 IMAG2904 IMAG2903

Collaborative performance work with Claire Parry


I have been looking at the body in movement as part of my transformation fantasy/repetition work and the idea of escaping. Claire has been looking at the body, and confinement/being trapped. So we decided to combine these two themes and create a piece.

We used frames as a metaphor of being confined, white masks for anonymity, fabric for trapping, and a skeleton we found as a body that has been trapped, and a little nod to the Chapman brothers as they collaborate and create hellish scenes.

video frame 2

  video frame 1video frame 3 video frame 4

I’ve been considering escape from reality, the worlds I escape into. Usually virtual. This includes the game “The sims”


I quite often create versions of myself within the game and build or buy “dream” houses to live in. I play out my sims life in a way that I would like my real life to be “played”. Of course in the virtual world anything is possible, but reality doesn’t have cheat codes. I quite enjoy looking at house plan websites to find challenging homes to build my sim, including houses seen in my favorite films and television programs.

Creating virtual worlds is easy to me, but finding beauty in reality is not something I often come across. There are a few places that I have visited and found to be magical places. I want to push this further, and create images that give a sense of fantasy.


This is a photograph I took today in Portmeirion and then edited on photoshop to give it a more mystical feel.


Screenshot-11 Screenshot-13 Screenshot-19

Here are some screenshots of a “dream” house I have built for my sim. Combining gothic, victorian and modern design ideas to create an escape from reality.

 Other means of escape that I use are RPG games and MMO. These are role playing games, and massively multiplayer online games. In an MMO you can RP (role play), there are designated servers within the games for people who RP. I have RP’d in the past with various characters within a “guild”. One of the games I enjoy to RP in is Star Wars The Old Republic, or SWTOR for short.


Here are two of my characters on SWTOR. Vonn Occulta to the left and Tanwen on the right. Within the game you can travel to various planets, there are places called the “Cantina” on each planet where you can go and meet new people and RP. Some guilds (like one I used to belong to) have “meetings”. Designated times when all the members will meet up in the game and RP. When SWTOR came out, I belonged to a popular guild that had regular meetings with members from all over Europe. We would communicate “in character” within the game, and out of character over a “chat client” that meant we could all talk to eachother “irl” (in real life).

Lilith Vonn Occulta

Vonn has been a consistent “alias” of mine in various games I play. Here are some variations:

VONNVonn cakesvonn 2

These are Vonn in the games “Guild Wars”, “SWTOR” and “The secret world”

Creating Vonn took me a while, and re-creating her for each game was an important part of my escape. Vonn is my avatar, my “other identity”, she is almost an opposite of me irl, whilst still keeping some of me within her. Vonn is stubborn, a bitch, she will do things her way much like myself irl, but Vonn is also physically strong, great at sneaking around, elegant, and pretty, nothing like me irl. Vonn may differ from game to game, for example in SWTOR Vonn is an Imperial Agent, working for the Empire, she is cold and cruel because of her orphan past, growing up on the planet Naboo alone. In The secret world, Vonn is a part of a biker gang, she grew up in a circus and is an aerial tissu expert, (part of the elegance and physical strength).

Vonn is everything I wish I could be whilst still keeping some of the bad, to make her seem real she can’t be perfect.


IMAG2907 IMAG2908 IMAG2905 (1)

Films associated with escaping reality (plus 1 video game)




Chronicles of Narnia


Truman Show


Final Fantasy X


Cloud Atlas


Screenshot_2014-12-14_14_46_27_558093  Screenshot_2014-12-15_18_27_14_090894 Screenshot_2014-12-15_18_27_41_001433 Screenshot_2014-12-15_18_38_46_820516





living room

 Collages of my sims house versus my real house.

Cao Fei


Cindy Sherman


blue 1

Transformation selfies

creature gaga1 mad 1 tounge wigcap


twilek filters twilektez marcus2

Transformations of myself into Vonn, a Twi’lek (inspired by Darth Talon) and my friend as a Jedi.


Alaw as a sith Pureblood


Hannah as a Mirialan


Kate as a Cybrog

Yasumasa Morimura


1504995_10204777460209899_5936816738536942872_n 1505389_10204784645469526_4250936313012311070_n 1970798_761747607213420_731077131854510165_n 10897879_10204777455729787_566877964812046019_n 10915195_10204777458729862_1028149083693603739_n 10922466_761747527213428_5078536411443207615_n 10928853_10204777454329752_4350272508174489674_n

These images attempt to look at the feeling of being “trapped” in this mundane world (the suffocation of being fastened to this world in the vale), and the desire to escape it (looking through a shroud).

creep escape1 glass 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8

These images are in relation to being stuck in one place and the desire to leave it. This desire is manifest in the white cloth that escapes from the hooded figures “mind”.


2 3



I created collages that combine the figures and the video games. Using screenshots from the Star Wars The Old Republic game, and combining them with various silhouettes. Using paint, varnish, and the printed images. They have then been scanned and digitally altered.

1 2  4 53

These images turn my figures and photo manipulations into game characters with juxtaposition of real life images with the SWTOR User interface.

1 2 3 4 5

Recent update on work in progress:

 2  9

34 5 6 7 8

These images were made with the story of “Nant Gwrtheyrn” a small village near my home. In the story Rhys and Meinir are to wed, it was tradition that before the wedding could take place, the bride would run and hide and the groom would find her and take her to the church. Rhys had carved their initials into a tree in the forest, Meinir believed this to be bad luck, however she climbed that very tree to hide, only to fall inside as it was hollow. She was suck. Rhys searched and searched but couldn’t find her. He spent months looking for her, then one stormy night he sat at the tree. A bolt of lightning hit it, and the tree split to reveal Meinirs petrified body. Overcome by sadness Rhys died beside his love. 110 11 12 13


Marcel Duchamp’s female alter ego Rrose Selavy


Andy Warhol’s homage to Rrose Selavy




Story boards & Video still ideas



I’ve been creating a Mandalorian armored suit from PVC, and card for another shoot. I also plan on doing video.

10995496_10205163615263534_3971190022031477123_n 11012348_10205164429243883_3223627872120162414_n 11021074_10205070443494298_6906334035865181979_n concept 11050738_10205130864524786_2365637241180920327_n

I’ve decided to respray my helmet silver and blue. I think it works better visually.



I am very much enjoying creating this costume, I’ve always loved making things and dressing up. From this I’ve decided to have a go at making chain mail too.

Film references for photographs:

Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon


House of Flying Daggers




Curse of the golden flower


Sin City


K82 K83 K84




Serial killer quotes. I think some of these will work well with my zine. The images and the story are about death, and these killers commited something that people often dream of but never execute. Their little escapes from reality,

“I could kill him!”

for example.

 Title: Circumvention in aerial phenomenon

(escapism in make-believe reality)



It began with repetition, something that happens to every person. I was also looking for a way to create work that differed from my usual pattern. Learning of Cao Fei’s work, and transformation fantasy in contemporary art, expanded my idea of repetition, and how art could be made.

Something that people do, repeatedly in life, sometimes without realizing it, is escape. Using my own escape mechanisms lead me to look at popular culture and “geek” culture. Star Wars plays a big part in my life, and I enjoyed making work with it. I learnt a lot from it, from developing my digital art skills, to my crafting skills. However, using something so famous/popular the work became to recognizable, and obvious.

This evolved into creating a narrative. Using existing stories, and developing my own worlds and ideas from them. The work I made with the cloth was an attempt to move away from the star wars, but i feel it lacked substance. The images are strong, but there was something missing for me. Using the tales from Nant Gwrtheyrn gave it the narrative I was looking for, but i felt that I had traveled to far from my intentions of creating work that dealt with escapism.

I feel that I have made some strong work in my development. The photographs that use layering especially, as they show my intentions of repetition, and the thin lines between reality and fiction.

My “final” piece is a zine that uses these images alongside words/quotes from serial killers. I strongly believe that these people have blurred the lines between reality and fiction, and acted upon it.

In all honesty, I am not happy with my final outcome. It’s very rushed, and raw. The quotes seem to have just materialized out of nowhere, even though i think they fit well with the imagery.

I set out to make work that was different, but i feel that I have ended up with yet another book, and one that’s severely lacking, and I am disappointing with myself and the work.

I can do better. I know I can do better.


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