List of works

Martin Creed
Gilbert and George
David Shrigley
Damien Hirst
Richard Deacon
Cao Fei
Jeff Koons
Cindy Sherman
Yasumasa Morimura
Yinka SHonibare
Mariko Mori
Andy Warhol
Marcel Duchamp
Tobias Bernstrup
Kiki Smith
Repetition and the aspects that interest me
Reflection on life being repetitive
Transformation Fantasy
(Personal escapism) Books, Films, Cosplay, Games, dance
Popular Culture in art
Star Wars
Various games I play and the characters I create
Contemporary art in Context – transformation
Film Noire
Black and white
Nany Gwrtheyrn
Photo Manipulation
Alter ego
Costume creation (including techniques in textile and craft)
Mandalorian (Star Wars)
Graphic Novels
Grimm’s fairy tales
Sin City
Artist books

Serial killer quotes

Films and Games
Star Wars The Old Republic (online multiplayer game)
Second Life
The sims (including Architecture and interior design)
Cloud Atlas
The Truman Show
The chronicles of Narnia
Final Fantasy X
Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon
House of flying daggers
Curse of the golden flower
Memoirs of a geisha
Sin City
Guild Wars
Secret World
Works I have made
David Shrigley style drawings
Recordings of repeated drawings in pencil
Pinterest Board
Repeated drawings of the female form
Collaboration with Claire Parry – Video (Liberation)
Creation of characters and alter egos
Screen shots of various houses/interiors from the sims
Screen shots of various SWTOR scenes
Collages based on reality meeting digital worlds
“Selfie” photographs
Photo manipulation turning myself and others into star wars characters
Portrait Paintings
“Trapped” selfies (inspired by images on Pinterest Board)
“Nant” and “Cloth” photographs
Collages combining Star Wars screen shots with Nant photographs
Story Boards for film
Video of “Nant escape” ( Escape and Bride)
Mandalorian suit (Helmet, Belt pouches, PVC armor ect)
Vivid colour photographs inspired by Chinese films
Sin City style photo manipulations/collage
Narrative for 12 Dancing Princesses by the Grimm brothers
Story Board for 12 Dancing princesses for Graphic Novel

Zine layouts on photoshop

Zine mock-up including adding text/narrative



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