Induction project

In recent weeks there have been a couple of news stories on domestic violence cases. Ray rice for example, beating his fiance a month before their wedding in an elevator. The Oscar Pistorius shooting case, and a few others such as a model/porn star whose ex partner beat her and stabbed her repeatedly, because she had a friend over at the house when he came begging for her back. The word “conflict” comes to mind, and that is a word that came up various times during my Llawn02 visit(s). I had been working on domestic violence work personally and thought it fitting for this project. I collected my research from Llawn02 and my personal work, and I have developed it into portraits. Looking at the work of painter Jenny Saville, and digital artist Russ Mills, as well as a couple of others. I have created a body of work trying to capture the inner turmoil and conflict in the victims of violences’ lives. A conflict or war between the sexes, between husband and wife, partners and even friends, not always physical but mental abuse, as i have experienced myself. Its something personal, but so common, and I feel this project has allowed me to express that.


Today I spent a couple of hours working on the above painting. Its taken from an image of myself. I want to create a portrait but not just have a painted picture. I plan on developing the image digitally and then projecting it onto the actual painting. I’m not sure how it will work, or if the image will even show correctly, but part of the fun is experimenting.

I’ve done some thinking, and my project has taken a massive turn. Moving away from the portraits, and looking at domestic violence in a different way. Through social media. I had seen “No Man’s land” at the Mostyn; an installation that was evolving. A tree whose leaves were created by the audiences thoughts, opinions, responses and memories of War. I decided to look into social media’s thoughts on domestic violence and create my own version.

Currently trending in light of the NFL Ray Rice video leak (Ray Rice is seen hitting his fiance unconscious on an elevator) the hashtags #whyistayed and #whyileft have been trending. These are men and women’s reasons for staying in abusive relationships and the reasons why they left.

From this I have created cards with some of the tweets hand written on them. They are all anonymous to make the piece more personal, as though any person in these situations could have written them. One of them is mine, but a few could relate to the situation I was in.


(TRIGGER WARNING) This is the video of the abuse by Ray Rice

In developing the induction project, I made a massive change to a text based piece containing tweets with the hashtags #whyistayed and #whyileft. In an attempt to develop the idea further I have created maquettes of towers constructed with the tweets on slips of paper. In keeping with my idea of on the surface all may appear well, but underneath is turmoil, I have created a gradient with colour and paper texture.


The idea is to take the image of the tower and place it in various places and changing it’s proportions. This is to show what the piece could evolve into in the future.


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