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I want to look into starting my own business, this will include looking at grants, how to run a business, writing a business plan, taking short courses in business, finding location, accounting. The idea is to open a shop that sells art materials in north wales. A specific art store, but possibly with space to hold workshops for children and adults.

I also want to look into film/theater set and prop design, as well as costume creation, especially for monsters and fantasy or sci-fi type films.

I will continue to make my own artwork and self promotion. I will also continue to take commissions.


London Tate Modern, Britain, Tate Liverpool, Lisson gallery, Saatchi, Thomas Goddard workshop, British Museum. Galeri Caernarfon, Storiel, Mostyn, Joanne wardrop. Web, books, magazines. Sci-fi Weekender, comic con.


Penrhyn Castle with Joanne Wardrop

Question spaces with Mostyn Gallery

Commissions – work in private collections

CD cover art

Music festivals


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Artyfakes – prop courses UK (Met these at Sci-Fi weekend which I worked at. Would need over £500 to do a course with them)

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Setting up your own shop

A workshop with artist Joanne Wardrop at Penrhyn Castle near Bangor, Gwynedd.


“What if we could re-enact he past?

Imagine we have been gifted Penrhyn Castle, just as Richard Pennant acquired it. What would we do with the site? What could we do with the site?

Would we keep the castle as it is or re-appropriate its architecture and history for a new function? If we opted for change, how do we treat the sites narratives – as inspiration, as an USP, as an allegory, or all of the above? Who would this site function for and how do we define what is a successful function?

In this alternate reality it is our task to re-design the function of the castle taking into account the needs of local communities. Could we make it into social housing, a museum of Bangor’s history, a casino which funds local projects, a mock-Norman theme park, a 4D cinema, a shopping mall only selling Welsh produce?

Using the inventiveness of local art students and individuals as architects, along with the expertise of volunteers and staff as the board of members, we will use Penrhyn’s rich histories and narratives to inspire proposals for a new imagining of the castle.”

– Joanne Wardrop


A group of five met up with Joanne on a sunny Friday morning outside on the castle’s lawn. I was the second to arrive, and soon the others came to join us. Jo took us into the castle, and up to the rooms where the residence artists work, in a section of the castle not open to visitors. Here she spoke about her work and her intentions at the castle during her residency. We also shared our own practice with her.

After some time exploring the castle, we returned to the artist rooms to begin making work. As an exercise to inspire work, she asked us to find newspaper and magazine articles relevant to our own work, and combine words and sentences with those from information about the castle/house. This made for a fun and interesting beginning to our project.


(My combination of words and sentences from newspapers and Penrhyn castle information)

 NOTE: Due to illness I was unable to complete this workshop.

Our yearly arty trip to London!


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New works by Aiden – Saatchi Gallery

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This is a workshop I am taking part in on Bangor High street. We have been given a space in an old shop for the week to make work. The work is being prompted by questions given to us from various artists and curators.

Some of my favorite questions from the 42 are:

Who’s footsteps are you following?

You talkin’ to me?


What do you like about yourself? And it can’t be physical.

What came first?

Why does the world exist?


We started off today by generating ideas. The questions were posted on the wall and we each took a coloured string and began to map out what questions we made connections with, and used sticky notes with ideas and replies.


I was interested in the number of questions, 42, as well as the questions above. I researched the  number and found that there are 42 commandments in the book of the dead from Ancient Egypt. This interested me as it has connections to my favorite book series. If the diseased can give reasonable answers when travelling through death, they have the potential to be reincarnated and if they are completely successful, they may reach the ultimate goal of becoming a star.

Day 2 consisted of more idea planning and discussion, as well as a marketing meeting to discuss the best ways to market the pop up shop, and the ideas behind it. A really interesting day!


Me and Kate are collaborating on a piece inspired by the question “Why does the world exist?”, this question led to a discussion about life and death, and with the 42 questions, we found a connection to the Egyptian Book of the Dead. So we worked more on this idea, and it transformed into this questionnaire!


I also created a game, where marbles were thrown into cups that were laid out on the floor in relation to the planets revolving around the sun, this ties into the importance of space, the planets, and stars in Egyptian history.

We also wrote “You talkin’ to me?” on a mirror, to invite people to try out the scene from taxi driver.



Jackson Pollock is widely considered to be one of the most influential and provocative American artists of the twentieth century. Pollock famously pioneeredaction painting, a process that saw him drip paint on canvases resting on the studio floor.

Jackson Pollock: Blind Spots at Tate Liverpool is the first exhibition in more than 30 years to explore the artist’s black pourings, a lesser known but extremely influential part of his practice. The exhibition offers a unique opportunity to see the largest number of Pollock’s black pourings ever assembled in the UK, with some never before seen in this country.



Glenn Ligon (b 1960) is one of the most significant American artists of his generation. Much of his work relates to abstract expressionism and minimalist painting, remixing formal characteristics to highlight the cultural and social histories of the time, such as the civil rights movement.

This exhibition brings together artworks and other material he references in his own work and writings, or work with which he shares certain affinities. His practice, especially his painting, is deeply involved in the legacy of Post-War American art, which he enriches through references to American history, especially African-American experience. This exhibition features many major figures such as Willem de Kooning, Jackson Pollock and Jasper Johns alongside Ligon’s near contemporaries including Chris Ofili, Lorna Simpson and Felix Gonzales-Torres. Wider cultural phenomena such as the photojournalism of the Civil Rights struggle and Sun Ra’s seminal film Space is the Place also feature alongside the work of the artist.

This exhibition is in partnership with Nottingham Contemporary and will run in parallel with Jackson Pollock: Blind Spots.


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Mostyn workshop with Thomas Goddard 16th October.

Today we had a workshop with Goddard. He spoke about his education and experience, and some of his work. He said he is interested in the roll of the artist in society, and likes to challenge pre-conceptions of what an artist is and does.

He spoke about his 2010 project “Cerbyd”. This was a project he did in Wales. He called for 10 artists who are based in Wales to go on an adventure/pilgrimage/journey to visit various groups in the country. These groups were not artist groups. They visited groups such as bee keepers, a railway society, dancers, and such like. They were hosted by these groups, who did not change their usual meeting to accommodate a group of artists. They camped together, and created a sense of community.

returns map

He spoke of his project “From Ape to Adam to Apocalypse”.

This was a series of 101 black and white A4 drawings created from 2007-2009, and exhibited in 2012, however only 35 images have been exhibited. These were an autobiographical account of each year between 1898 and 1999. Goddard spoke of how when he was young he envisioned that 1999 would be a futuristic society or utopia, his interest in H.G.Wells played a part in the project. Each image is based around the golden ratio, containing high and low art. He was interested in how knowledge is passed, his father passing on his knowledge, although the images are not an encyclopedia, they contain information about the year they are assigned to. The viewer almost completes the work, when they interact and remember their own knowledge of the year.

faaaweb3Installation shot Chapter

Goddard also spoke of his work “The beast of Bala”

This is a site specific work which is a collection of information and real or false accounts surrounding the tale of the Beast that lives in Bala lake. It is believed that it is a prehistoric fish which has survived in the lake, or catfish. The lake is not deep enough to contain its own “loch ness”. The work represents belief, how information is passed on to people to make them believe, this includes how the media portray various events. tom-goddard-teggie-the-beast-of-141524leafletfrontBob

Goddard also briefly spoke of other projects before showing us his installation “Be more Brando” which is currently at the Mostyn gallery. We then went on to discuss our own works with him, and he provided his insight, and artist names, or relevant information regarding our current projects.

Teresa Patricia Jones (tArt)

4 Bron Y Foel, Pistyll
Gwynedd, LL53 6LT

Work experience
> “Alcemi” (June 2016) Artist
Exhibition of current work alongside 9 other artists.

> Question Spaces – Mostyn Gallery (Feb 2016) Artist
Working on a short brief creating works in response to questions asked
by various people working in the arts. Located in a pop up shop in Bangor,
with an exhibition of the works at the end of the week.

> Penrhyn Castle (Sept 2015) Artist
Working alongside artist Joanne Wardrop on work relating to the site.

> Galeri Caernarfon (April 2015 – June 2015), Artist
Work in a group show at Galeri Caernarfon “safle celf”, entitled

> Galeri Caernarfon (January 2015 – January 2015), Workshop Assistant
Involved in helping school children create art pieces about the Welsh
migration to Patagonia, with the artist Luned Rhys Parri.

> Helfa Gelf (Sept 2014 – Sept 2014), invigilator
Job involved watching that work was not destroyed, vandalized, or stolen at
the “Haus of Helfa” in Llandudno.

> Atom Heart (2012 – 2012), Shop assistant
Jobs included managing the store, dealing with customers, and creating
jewelry to sell in store.

> Dobson Owen (May 2007 – May 2007), Architect
I was asked to complete various tasks involving the redesign of various
projects the company had done previously, giving input into on-going
designs, site visits, and dealing with clients.

Experience in (from Art Froundation, BA Fine art, and other
Book design
Graphic design (logo’s for businesses

>Outstanding Innovation in Fashion Design for Wales
(Awarded by WCTA Welsh Clothing and Textile Centre and Careers Wales) and
>1st Place from Ysgol Botwnnog.
>Art Award in 2002 and 2005 in Ysgol
Botwnnog’s Eisteddfod.

>Work in private collections
(both Fine art and
Graphic design)

Feminism, Design, Art, Gaming, Craft, Music, Beauty, Fashion.

References available upon request.



untitled1 blkwht James final

Two album covers designed for James Phillips