Question Spaces – Mostyn Glitch

This is a workshop I am taking part in on Bangor High street. We have been given a space in an old shop for the week to make work. The work is being prompted by questions given to us from various artists and curators.

Some of my favorite questions from the 42 are:

Who’s footsteps are you following?

You talkin’ to me?


What do you like about yourself? And it can’t be physical.

What came first?

Why does the world exist?




We started off today by generating ideas. The questions were posted on the wall and we each took a coloured string and began to map out what questions we made connections with, and used sticky notes with ideas and replies.


I was interested in the number of questions, 42, as well as the questions above. I researched the  number and found that there are 42 commandments in the book of the dead from Ancient Egypt. This interested me as it has connections to my favorite book series. If the diseased can give reasonable answers when travelling through death, they have the potential to be reincarnated and if they are completely successful, they may reach the ultimate goal of becoming a star.

Day 2 consisted of more idea planning and discussion, as well as a marketing meeting to discuss the best ways to market the pop up shop, and the ideas behind it. A really interesting day!



Me and Kate are collaborating on a piece inspired by the question “Why does the world exist?”, this question led to a discussion about life and death, and with the 42 questions, we found a connection to the Egyptian Book of the Dead. So we worked more on this idea, and it transformed into this questionnaire!


I also created a game, where marbles were thrown into cups that were laid out on the floor in relation to the planets revolving around the sun, this ties into the importance of space, the planets, and stars in Egyptian history.

We also wrote “You talkin’ to me?” on a mirror, to invite people to try out the scene from taxi driver.