Thomas Goddard

Mostyn workshop with Thomas Goddard 16th October.

Today we had a workshop with Goddard. He spoke about his education and experience, and some of his work. He said he is interested in the roll of the artist in society, and likes to challenge pre-conceptions of what an artist is and does.

He spoke about his 2010 project “Cerbyd”. This was a project he did in Wales. He called for 10 artists who are based in Wales to go on an adventure/pilgrimage/journey to visit various groups in the country. These groups were not artist groups. They visited groups such as bee keepers, a railway society, dancers, and such like. They were hosted by these groups, who did not change their usual meeting to accommodate a group of artists. They camped together, and created a sense of community.

returns map


He spoke of his project “From Ape to Adam to Apocalypse”.

This was a series of 101 black and white A4 drawings created from 2007-2009, and exhibited in 2012, however only 35 images have been exhibited. These were an autobiographical account of each year between 1898 and 1999. Goddard spoke of how when he was young he envisioned that 1999 would be a futuristic society or utopia, his interest in H.G.Wells played a part in the project. Each image is based around the golden ratio, containing high and low art. He was interested in how knowledge is passed, his father passing on his knowledge, although the images are not an encyclopedia, they contain information about the year they are assigned to. The viewer almost completes the work, when they interact and remember their own knowledge of the year.

faaaweb3Installation shot Chapter


Goddard also spoke of his work “The beast of Bala”

This is a site specific work which is a collection of information and real or false accounts surrounding the tale of the Beast that lives in Bala lake. It is believed that it is a prehistoric fish which has survived in the lake, or catfish. The lake is not deep enough to contain its own “loch ness”. The work represents belief, how information is passed on to people to make them believe, this includes how the media portray various events. tom-goddard-teggie-the-beast-of-141524leafletfrontBob


Goddard also briefly spoke of other projects before showing us his installation “Be more Brando” which is currently at the Mostyn gallery. We then went on to discuss our own works with him, and he provided his insight, and artist names, or relevant information regarding our current projects.