Negotiated Study 2

Negotiated study 2 – Degree show module

25/1/2016 – June (The end…)

(I do highly recommend taking a look at my pinterest boards as that is where most of my inspiration is found and organized. )

I intend to investigate the possible future of women in a digital, technology obsessed world. Combining techniques and themes from previous modules to create a new and exiting selection of work that detaches us from our natural state. Merging several incompatible worlds with social references and themes. This work will question women in our digital culture, questioning contemporary life. By blending the digital with reality to create a fictional, yet experiential world.



NEG 2 Spider 1

What it is to be human in a digital world?

Internet art . Post Internet art . New aesthetic . Photography . Glitch aesthetic . Holographic . Pixel . Net art . Digital art . Feminism . Contemporary culture . Technology . Science


New Media art / Mark Tribe & Reena Jana / TASCHEN / 3-8228-3041-0

You are here: Art after the internet / Omar Kholeif / Corner House / 978-0-9569571-7-7

Art and the internet / Black dog publishing / 978-1-907317-98-9

Digital Visions for Fashion & Textiles Made in code / Sarah E. Braddock Clarke & Jane Harris / Themes and Hudson / 978-0-500-51644-7

Alexander McQueen: Savage Beauty / Andrew Bolton / Yale Books / 978-0-300-16978-2

Initial Research: What is…?


Works distributed by the internet, rather than in a gallery space. I have never liked white walls, I believe art should be experienced, and a white almost sterile room isn’t always the way to see work.


I have always loved digital art, mostly in the form of concept art for video games and movies. Using the skills I have in this area from my own personal concept works is definitely something I would like to explore. 


This is more of an aesthetic rather than a type of art. It uses glitches such as those on digital devices and analog television where the pixels become distorted. In relation to the themes I wish to explore, this type of image play could be a part of the work.


New aesthetic refers to the use of the visual language of digital technology and the internet within the physical world. It blends the virtual and reality. This was something I was very interested in, however reading about it, and seeing the works, I was not overly impressed, or inspired by it. 


The successor of internet art. It does not refer to art after the internet has gone, as it may suggest, but is works that show the Internets affect on aesthetics and culture. It brings internet art into reality and opposes the internet art of free internet shared work, by putting it back in the gallery. I think this kind of work is very interesting, the aesthetics and themes are combined with more traditional arts, which is something that I find very appealing. 


New media art is any art made in a contemporary media, this can be anything from digital art for concept art, to using video in a gallery. This is included for a general idea of the previous subjects.


Fashion has always interested me, I studied it in school, and college and combined it with my love of character creation and concept art. Some fashion photography can be very theatrical and exiting, rather than just photographing clothes, it becomes an experience, a narrative. 

Mikael B (Painter/graffiti) & Thomas Fryd (Photographer)

Mikael B Thomas Fryd

Collage, aesthetic, surreal, women

A very interesting set of works which combines digital photography of women, edited to create unnatural and surreal bodies, and traditional mediums of paint to create stunning displays of the female form. The body has always been an important aspect of my work, and the use here is visually exiting to me. 

Petra Cortright – Net artist


Aesthetic, digital vs real, internet, self

Petra Cortright makes videos, images, and paintings that reflect on online experiences. Her first video, vvebcam (2007), has been canonized and discussed in academia as an important work in the history of video art.[1] In vvebcam Cortight films herself while playing with the special effects built into the webcam software used to make the video. It is often noted that her physicality in vvebcam, as captured by the webcam, mirrors that of the work’s viewer. vvebcam has also been heralded as shortly predating the rise of the “self-portraiture practice known as the selfie”.[1] On Saturday, December 10, 2011,vvebcam (2007) was removed by YouTube because of Cortright’s extensive use of “offensive” key words.

Petra’s work is very similar to how I play with my webcam when I am bored at home. Using filters and effects to place myself in surreal atmospheres. Its fun, and addressed the self, which is a theme I have worked with frequently. 

Sanja Ivekovic – Feminist art

Wiki page

sanja ivekovic

portrayal of women, video, aesthetic

Since the beginning of her artistic career, Iveković has always been interested in the representation of women in society. Among her early works are “Double Life” (1975) where she pairs 66 photographs of her private life with similar shots of models in magazine advertisements, “Make Up-Make Down” (1978) with filmed or photographed self-portraits, and “General Alert: Soap Opera” (1995) produced for television. “Figure & Ground” (2006) depicts collages of female models looking like armed terrorists covered in blood and wearing military-inspired clothing from top designers.

I find some of the work interesting. Similar to works I have made previously, using themes that are important to me. Using Ivekovic as an inspiration for the aesthetics of my work.

Lynn Hershman Leeson – New media Feminist art

lynn hershman leeson

Feminist, new media, film, collage, photography, context, concepts, sex, digital vs real, women

Lynn Hershman Leeson (born 1941) is an American artist and filmmaker. Her work combines art with social commentary, particularly on the relationship between people and technology. Leeson’s work in media-based technology helped legitimize digital art forms. Leeson’s work has as its themes: identity in a time of consumerism, privacy in an era of surveillance, interfacing of humans and machines, and the relationship between real and virtual worlds. Her work grew out of an installation art and performance tradition, with an emphasis on interactivity.[3] With a practice spanning more than 40 years, Leeson has worked in performance, moving image, drawing, collage, text-based work, site-specific interventions, and later new media / digital technologies, and interactive net-based works.

The aesthetics and themes in Leeson’s works are very interesting and relevant to the themes of my work. I find it very visually and intellectually stimulating, and addresses the relationship between human and technology, while also being about women. Very relevant to my work!

Sophia Wallace – Feminist art


Sculpture by Sophia Wallace from the series CLITERACY, made in 2

Concept, feminist, women

Conceptual framework[edit]

Wallace incorporates the use of images, video, and mixed media in her work in an effort to explore alterity, the study of otherness and the focus on dismantling the concept of sameness.[3] Wallace’s focus is to deconstruct how this concept of the other is represented within a visual framework. She examines how the visual has an impact on gender and sexuality. The focus is on the idea of what she calls the “racialized body.” Wallace is trying to explore in her work the relinquishment of gender norms and stereotypes — through images she examines and moves these issue to the forefront looking at the norms of gender.

Giant Clit… I like it. Maybe I could make something physical and sculptural?

Arvida Bystrom – Model, artist, photographer, feminist

Dazed article


feminist, aesthetic, body, self, women

I am an artist mainly using photography occasionally making music and modelling.

Born 1991 outside of Stockholm, I’m currently based in London, Stockholm and Los Angeles.

Clients I photographed for are Nasty Gal, Monki, Wonerland Magazine, Lula Magazine, Vice, Rookie mag, Garage magazine, Baby Baby Baby magazine, I heart magazine among many others. Clients I modeled for are Urban outfitters, Nasty Gal, Top Shop, Monki, i-D, Richard Kern, Valerie Phillips etc.
Interview and features on Nasty Gal, i-D, Dazed and Confused, Nylon Magazine, British Journal Of Pohography, BLINK magazine, Urban Outfitter online, Monki stories, svt’s Kobra, Elle Japon.

Have had work exhibited all over the world and curated shows in London, Stockholm and Denmark.”

The work is visually beautiful, I adore some of the photographs, they reference beauty, femininity and the self in a very internety kind of aesthetic, clean and with colour and form being very specific. 

Shana Moulton – video, performance

Wiki page

shana moulton

Anxiety, humour, aesthetic

Shana Moulton is a media artist who explores contemporary anxieties through her filmic alter ego, Cynthia. Based in New York, Shana uses colorful psychedelic performance to describe pathetic situations with humorous surrealism.[1]

From reading about Moulton I thought she may be relevant, but I found the work unbearable. 

Kate Cooper – feminist digital art

dis magazine article


Digital, the body, feminist, women, technology, social comment

The work of British artist Kate Cooper inspires immediate physical and aesthetic attraction. A hybrid of consumer associations, ranging from the glossy iconography of the TV commercial and the sterility of video game graphics to the luminosity of the department store poster and the smell of freshly opened cosmetics, create a subconscious lure. Her use of CGI technology in her artistic practice surpasses a simple study of digital textures (think nostalgic glitch-making) to occupy a full-fleshed, hyperreal space, usually reserved to corporate giants in advertising or entertainment.

Very weird, relevant, but not something that visually interests me. Contextually its quite strong and relevant however. 

Angela Washko – digital artist


angla washko

Feminist, activist, digital, games, Sims, WoW, 

Angela Washko (born 1986) is a New York-based new media artist and facilitator who works to mobilize communities and creates new forums for discussions of feminism where they do not exist.[1] Washko has been creating performances inside the online video game World of Warcraftsince 2012 in which she initiates discussions about feminism within the gameplay. She’s the founder of the Council on Gender Sensitivity and Behavioral Awareness in World of Warcraft to bring attention to and protest the sexist language from players in the game.[2] In 2014, Creative Time commissioned an essay from Washko on her findings as the Council on Gender Sensitivity and Behavioral Awareness in World of Warcraft.[3]

Angela Washko’s interdisciplinary practice of performance, video, and installation investigates public opinion regarding proper etiquette, appropriate lifestyle choices, limited gender designations.[9] She works in mostly online public spaces of contemporary American culture in order to reach a larger audience with a feminist discourse.[10] Her work has been exhibited by the Museum of the Moving Image (London) in the National #Selfie Portrait Gallery,[11] Biennial of the Americas in The World is !Flat, Denver Digerati in Denver, Colorado,[12] TRANSFER Gallery in Brooklyn, New York,[13] and Super Art Moderne Museum: SPAMM

Using games is something I have done myself, and I find mine and Washko have very similar works which address different yet similar themes. Not only does Washko make art, but she is an activist for the female gamer. Actively trying to get equality in video games, instead of them being a male dominated thing. Love this woman 😀 

DNASAB – mixed media

artsy page


Digital, aesthetic

Its an experience, an atmosphere.

Fashion & Fashion photography

Designers to consider:

John Akehurst, Warren Du Preez, Nick Thornton Jones, Magdalene Keaney, Camille Viver, Mert & Marcus, Maria Blaisse, Rick Owens, Alexander McQueen, Barbara Layne, Issey Miyake, Koji Hamai, Michiko Koshino, Ann Demeulemeester.

Alexander McQueen – Website


Women in armor

I find beauty in the grotesque, like most artists.”

Fashion should be a form of escapism, and not a form of imprisonment.”

“I want to empower women. I want people to be afraid of the women I dress.”

What am I doing? Where am I going? What is my thinking?

Bring digital elements into real life? Glitch painting?

Use digital elements to advertise real items (FF13 Lightning in Louis Vuitton ads)

Matrix – Conscious minds inside a computer program.

Iridescent, holographic, metallic, futuristic, alien, robotics, electronics, fashion.

ESCAPE? Into the digital? – GAMES – refer back to 2nd year work

Comment on women’s fashion, how women are “supposed to look”

Combine digital works with traditional methods.

Initial ideas

Robots, androids, women of the future. What if women were all fake? Unreal? Chargeable, digital things for men to play with?


Plug us in, download new features.

DSC_0146 DSC_0145 DSC_0144 DSC_0142DSC_0143

Sex toys, companions, servants, computers. Who are these women? Are they real? What am I trying to say?

 ESSAYS I have read: (You Are Here Art After The Internet – edited by Omar Kholeif)

The New Aesthetic and its Politics – James Bridle

“The new aesthetic is a term coined by James Bridle, used to refer to the increasing appearance of the visual language of digital technology and the internet in the physical world, and the blending of virtual and physical.”

The Context of the Digital: A brief inquiry into online relationships – Gene McHugh

“The internet provides a plethora of extremely complex contexts through which the user has to navigate and perform in as themselves (as opposed to an anonymous avatar) on a daily basis through emails, chats, financial transactions, and, yes, the management of relationships. It’s tiring to be online; you’re always on, always having to manage your online presence.

That’s not to say that people don’t use the internet to escape (they obviously still do), but just that the bulk of what many people do when they use a computer and go online today is not fantasy role-playing, but almost the exact opposite: mundane slogging through the details and interpersonal negotiations of the ‘real’ world”

Post-Internet: What it is and what it was – Michael Connor

Contra-Internet Aesthetics – Zach Blas

“Post internet art and aesthetics… implies that the present is a time in which the internet has thoroughly permeated artistic production. As such, post-internet aesthetics would seem to account for a widely, and wildly divergent grouping of people and practices.”

Dataforming the Hinternet – Sophia Al-Maria


Virtual worlds – Jon Rafman

Jon Rafman website


Online presence?

Becoming digital, do we need a body?

A consciousness inside the machines? – AI?

Who are we? Are we the real version, or the version we show online?


This site is quite strange, you can become a member, and become Mouchette, you can send emails from provided email accounts. I clicked on “13” and was directed to a list of how to commit suicide. It was at this point I closed the window, as it really isn’t something I should read at this point in my life… It doesn’t feel like art, It feels like foul play, or one of them pro anorexia sites that want young girls to hurt themselves. 

Georgia O’Keeffe



Yoni. Born. Are robots born? Cyborgs are, they become robots. They need to be brought into the world somehow. Why are they here? Why do they exist? Where am I going with this? What on earth am I on about?




HO HO CHI Heaven

The Yoni is sanskrit for vagina or womb, a subject that has been used in art for centuries. The yoni is a symbol of empowerment and fertility, it celebrates women, and this is why I think it’s an important aspect. I want to celebrate women with my work, while also addressing their digital lives. However how can a digital entity be alive if it is not born?

Some quick photo manipulations turning myself into some form of futuristic woman/robot thing…

cybrog 1

fat 1

(I was horrified by the images of myself, and I am quite proud to have posted this particular image. I have massive self confidence issues, and the photographs upset me. Thing is, that’s the point isn’t it? That’s why I am making work, because women do feel ashamed about their bodies, and they shouldn’t. We do. I do. I need to remember what this is about.)

One legless form

multi roboto

The metal bodice is influenced by the Alexander McQueen piece I posted earlier. The images are manipulated into something unreal, using something that is real. I use the idea of “copy and paste“, in the future will we be mass produced? Won’t technology take over? I was thinking about the layers of Stormtroopers from Star Wars, a sort of army of clones.

Inside the machine.

Am I just eye candy for weirdos online? Do they look at me because they find me aesthetically pleasing? That’s how I’d describe an item I wanted to purchase. Is my online presence a quest for likes, and follows?

pussy licker

GlItchY BayBe

Does anyone online care about who I am, my life, and my feelings? Or am I just an emotionless object for them to look at?


Playing with the idea of being trapped inside something digital, my consciousness inside a screen.

Makeup inspired by geisha, a woman whose life is devoted to entertaining men. 

1 2 3 6 74



In my escapism work from year 2, I delved into escapism and the ways in which we escape. The main focus was digital escape, how I (and many others) escape through digital means, such as MMORPG or any video game. Virtual versions of myself was paramount in this module. In a way I am re-visiting my older work, and using influences from it for this module. There are aspects that I would like to develop further from that escapism project, molding them into something relevant to what I am currently analyzing.


(From The sims 3, Guild Wars 2, Star Wars: The Old Republic, and The Secret World, all from my Fine art research methods module, I often create an alter ego named “Lilith Vonn Occulta”)


VONN Vonn vonn 2

Collage from the module which used both DIGITAL and TRADITIONAL methods.

3 1251

I think looking back at this work can/will help me boost ideas and inspiration for new works!!


Adding heavy glitch aesthetics gives the impression that the figure may or may not be there, not seeing a focused image could play on the fact that online you may not be who you say you are! 

I feel like this isn’t going anywhere…. MAKE SOMETHING

Birth Pod 

Door for the birth of future women, the plastic, fake robots designed for men.


Plaster, mod rock, chrome spray, pink glitter paint


(Under a UV light with high contrast)

2Female ejaculation

Female Ejaculation – female sexuality, birth, life…

Adding more to the repetition or “copy and paste” theme. Identities can be stolen online, people are easily copied. 

 More Pixelated glitchy image experiments.

Experimenting with colour, glitches, pixels, and human presence. Is there actually someone there? Is it a robot? Does this person exist? Is it a 24 year old blonde, or a 56 year old sweaty pedo in a basement?

glitchboy got my eye on you pixelborgpixelborg2

I liked the idea of the pixels, I’m not sure though, they’re not quite right.



I’ve been to LONDON! I was hoping so much that I would see work that I felt was relevant, and would inspire me. I only found the latter, and that was from PAINTING! So what am I to do?

039 049 050 055 058 060 065 077 088 113 124 125 157 160 168 170 171 187



Really Terri? Is this all you can come up with?

Sex doll? Installation ideas? Think woman!!

Popping out!

popping out

It’s funny, but it doesn’t work. I don’t think this is the way forwards. I need to experiment with other materials, filters, props etc.


Playing with camera effects on my phone, to photograph a pumpkin I painted pink and sliver. Thinking of using props in the work, how to display them? I don’t like the white walls. It needs more, because the internet is everything, info, news, social media… constantly changing.


Painting in UV light. I really like the UV light, I want to use it more. 


This is a painting on acetate, the UV light makes the pink glow. Interesting in the light.


This is a painting with UV reactive paint on canvas, playing with the idea that Digital is death of reality. Then a plaster carved into a vagina painted with UV paint and sprinkled with glitter, to continue my idea of digital birth. 

This is a couple of ideas I had, I just wanted to make something, so I toyed with the idea of making a giant billboard with two images. It was inspired by a book I got in London, where you use an acetate sheet with a grid on it, moving it over the images in the book, to make them move. I want to look into making my own versions. 


Again, messing around with random stuff, this idea of making a wall of vaginas, maybe some sort of religious thing like stone circles, perhaps making it with sheets of metal, and having a futuristic, digital like feeling?

6d2131f463cbbe573e331aaf04e1f9c4 Retro Science Fiction = inspiration, reference. 

I need costumes, I like using alter egos and characters in my work, like Cindy Sherman, or Cao Fei’s cosplay work. Not just digital, but real, taking them from digital, making them real, and then making them digital again!

Sped up video of me playing Star Wars The Old Republic, using a female avatar and female companion. This work is a combination of my previous work with SWTOR and artist Angela Washko.

 mermaid1 mermaid2

Layering colour filters, using props that are kitsch and theatrical. Colour is intense, I like that, its not like every other boring artwork on a plain white wall.

Had a week “off” doing another project, a workshop with Mostyn Gallery in Bangor, so my attention has been on that mostly.

I have been thinking though, of being this entity inside the machine. Also about how much time I actually spend online. Last night I lost a few hours just playing Star Wars TOR. What is it like to be a woman online? Lets find out:

facebook question

That’s the thing about the internet, the world is at my fingertips, yet here I am scrolling on facebook…

webcam-toy-photo1 webcam-toy-photo2 webcam-toy-photo3 webcam-toy-photo4 webcam-toy-photo5 webcam-toy-photo6

These are selfies taken using an online webcam tool. The tool allows you to use your webcam to take images of yourself with various filters and effects. In each photo, I am in my natural “state”, makeup free, baggy clothes, relaxing with my cat. ONLINE. 

I might make a video of me doing this. Scrolling on facebook or something.

After doing an interactive art workshop, and considering my theme, an interactive work is probably the best way to go. I have a few ideas, one of which is to make a dress up game. This would mean learning a new skill, getting the software for it, and possibly failing. The thing is, this could be a great way to show how young girls use the internet, how women are seen on the internet, and can also be printed off for people to make paper dolls of their own, as a sort of “take one” prize for viewing the work.

facebook replies

This is me asking people on facebook what it is like to be a woman in an online culture, and the replies I got. 

How to make a dress up game (using free software) Stencyl

doll screen shot

Making the game! 

This is challenging, but I think its a great way to move forward. I like the idea of printing off multiple copies of the game for spectators to take away and make their own paper doll.


I’ve been making playful experiments with dolls, and prints. I really enjoy making prints so I experimented with colours and layering, and printing on acetate and magazine advertisements. I like the dolls, they remind me of when I was a kid and I used to make my own outfits and such for them. There might be something to this…


I had a tutorial with Emrys, we discussed the work I have made so far and ways to progress. I’ve made various playful experiments and works, alongside making the dress up game. I have plans to make videos (having a lot going on at the moment, I haven’t had time to film them yet). We discussed the work in the context of how it would be displayed in a gallery, and had ideas to make a fun exiting space rather than white walls. We had a talk about Alexander McQueen and Yinka Shonibare, and how theatrical fashion may play a roll in the display of the work, this refers to my early research into fashion. I think creating large scale images of myself and my alter ego will give the work some more depth, and we also discussed looking at magazines as I have done in the past.


Yinka website



Yinka Shonibare MBE RA was born in London and moved to Lagos, Nigeria at the age of three. He returned to London to study Fine Art first at Byam Shaw College of Art (now Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design) and then at Goldsmiths College, where he received his MFA, graduating as part of the ‘Young British Artists’ generation. He currently lives and works in the East End of London. Over the past decade, Shonibare has become well known for his exploration of colonialism and post-colonialism within the contemporary context of globalisation. Shonibare’s work explores these issues, alongside those of race and class, through the media of painting, sculpture, photography and, more recently, film and performance. Using this wide range of media, Shonibare examines in particular the construction of identity and tangled interrelationship between Africa and Europe and their respective economic and political histories. Mixing Western art history and literature, he asks what constitutes our collective contemporary identity today. Having described himself as a ‘post-colonial’ hybrid, Shonibare questions the meaning of cultural and national definitions.

CLOTHES! I want to display clothing…

Alexander McQueen Fashion shows

Looking at McQueens fantastical fashion shows for inspiration and ideas to relate to my own work and how to display the work. 

Alexander-McQueen-2005-L Alexander-McQueen-Shows-Holographic-Alien-Beauties-Spring-2010 landscape_1423663058-3_spray_painted_dress_no_13_ss_1999_model_-_shalom_harlow_image_-_catwalking main_image

LONDON - FEBRUARY 25: A model wearing a red hooded cat suit, stands among a ring of fire on February 25, 1998 during the finale of British designer Alexander McQueen's autumn/winter 1998/99 fashion collection on the last day of London Fashion week. (Photo by Paul Vicente/AFP/Getty Images)

SLUG: ST/ Fashion DATE: 03/10/2009 CREDIT: Maria Valentino/FTWP NEG NUMBER: digital file via FTP LOCATION: Paris, France CAPTION: ALEXANDER McQUEEN fall/winter 2009/10 Freelance Photo imported to Merlin on Wed Mar 11 10:17:06 2009

Benedict Drew website

Matt’s Gallery


Benedict Drew uses a combination of video, audio and sculptural elements to reflect on society’s ambivalent relationship with technology. Exploring the psychedelic potential of music and art, his often anarchic installations are intended as an escape route from and a critical response to what he calls ‘the horrors of the modern world.’


bendrew2 Benedict-Drew-Kaput


I love the use of lighting and reflective material in Benedict Drew’s works. The works are more of an atmosphere than a plain gallery, which is something I really want to consider using for my works display. I’d like to use items alongside the digital works, much like Drew does. Foil is something I could consider, along with a theatrical space inspired by McQueen.

Drew’s work is so much how I want my work for this project to look!!


Alexander McQueen The Life and legacy by Judith Watt ISBN: 978-1-78177-166-2

Joel-Peter Witkin

Artsy page

Joel-Peter witkin

Witkin claims that his vision and sensibility spring from an episode he witnessed as a young child, an automobile accident in front of his house in which a little girl was decapitated.

It happened on a Sunday when my mother was escorting my twin brother and me down the steps of the tenement where we lived. We were going to church. While walking down the hallway to the entrance of the building, we heard an incredible crash mixed with screaming and cries for help. The accident involved three cars, all with families in them. Somehow, in the confusion, I was no longer holding my mother’s hand. At the place where I stood at the curb, I could see something rolling from one of the overturned cars. It stopped at the curb where I stood. It was the head of a little girl. I bent down to touch the face, to speak to it — but before I could touch it someone carried me away”

Dress up screen

Here’s a screen shot of my dress up game in action! Considering it’s my first dress up game, made all by myself on a program I have never used before, it’s not to bad. I think I have done pretty well in a short time scale too. I think it fits the theme of my work so far pretty well, and has inspired me to have the whole work be about dress up. It’s something that I think many women can relate too, and even men to be honest. 


Wiki – dress up


Cosplay (costume play) has been a theme in my previous work, it is something that many people enjoy doing, whether it be dressing up in a pretty dress for a night out, or full on costumes for  Halloween or costume/comic conventions. It’s definitely something big in my life, and something I have always enjoyed.


This is a costume I am currently working on, Rey from the newest Star Wars film. Star Wars has featured in my past work as it is such a huge part of my life.



I’ve been looking at magazines like this one for ideas. The fashion photography is crazy, they have themes to show the clothing. There’s some fantastic visually stimulating stuff in here. Maybe I could create a magazine, or photographs and collages.

Strut yo stuff



Ideas for photography. I think I prefer the portraits, its got more of a “selfie” feel to it, which in current days is a common online thing. You portray yourself as that person in your selfie.


Plastic head with UV reactive glitter paint, and UV light inside.

I make some weird shit.

I want theatrical.

I want flamboyance. 

I want fashion.

I want a WTF reaction.

Foil, I want to cover walls in foil, and fabric. 

I want flashy lights.

I want an atmosphere. 



(Lucy McRae)

This show is about dressing up, fashion, and how its evolved. The show has moved away from the internet, while still having connections to it, and has become about the joys of clothes, fashion, and dress up. Becoming someone else, being your alter ego, just by putting on an item of clothing.

That’s an idea for a video actually. Putting on clothing, and evolving into something new. 



Do you see what I am thinking????

I have an old wedding dress I can use… McQueen … hmm


Some terrible photographs of some collages I’ve done using magazines. I’m not sure this is the way to go. Its a bit rubbish. I don’t think its relevant with the direction I’m taking my work. 

13043470_979942192060626_7777771911568557983_n 13055505_979942112060634_7007524255186982448_n

13096256_979942165393962_1224757573361214552_n 13102746_979942152060630_4110037989014761219_n


Um, so this is what happens when I neglect the blog, What have I done?

12991078_973179576070221_3592835993431749351_n 13087536_977655685622610_4593673071067374218_n

Here is my fun cut out stick your face in and take a picture device. “BECOME TERRI!” Transform yourself into someone else, simply by sticking your face in a hole! Its fun, its different. I thought it was an inventive way to show transformation! 

944996_973179562736889_9174649129049910764_n 13000374_973179529403559_7573927815402757842_n

Prop collecting, I want to fill my space with interesting and weird things relevant to the theme. I like the dolls, because that’s where it all really started for me. I created alter egos and became someone else, I made clothes for my dolls too, and changed their looks. This is I believe a strong aspect of myself that has stayed with me. 




I’ve been interested in transformation. One thing becoming another. This connects through the act of dressing. 

As the work has moved away from digital women, it still holds a connection to it. The dress up games many women play online (and indeed men), has taken me down the path of dress up in general. It is something I have repeatedly used and explored in my previous work, and so makes sense that this is how my “student uni work” comes to an end. By working on an element (or two, feminism..) that has interested me from the beginning, not only in my uni work, but in my life. 

I’m rambling.

The act of dressing it itself a metamorphosis. We take our naked form and change it into something new, something different. I have always said, no two people wear an item of clothing the same. Taste and desires and confidence are what hold our outfits together. These outfits can be a full body mask, to hide behind or disguise.  

Alexander McQueen

ARTICLE: Metamorphosis and fashion

Cocoon series by E. E. Collum



OH MY GLOB. I am in LOVE with this work ❤

DAZED article

Bart Hess 'Slime Art' designed for Lady Gaga:

Hess is a material manipulator, he creates latex mutants, exploring the themes of repulsion and the grotesque. Stemming from a fascination with the human form, he distorts the body beyond recognition, a metamorphosis that renders the body gender-less, animalistic, and perverse.

LUCY MCRAE (website)

A sci-fi artist and body architect. Has worked alongside Bart Hess. 

Blank 1


I want a metamorphosis of myself in images and possibly video. This is my blank canvas to work from. Imagine that as a huge photograph. It will look quite intimidating i think. I like that.

Gareth Pugh

VOGUE: Gareth Pugh

Gareth-Pugh-close-ups-spring-2016-fashion-show-the-impression-042 gareth-pugh-velo-bianco

Its getting real! I’ve got my space to exhibit in confirmed. I’ve measured and made a to scale (2cm – 1ft) Marquette.


Metamorphosis… caterpillar | cocoon | butterfly 


Crystals | cocoon | power


13120379_10208332827891869_1966749136_o 13120856_10208332826771841_1418953914_o13115535_10208332828251878_1600131793_n

Build cocoon | geometric

In the theme of metamorphosis, I’m liking the idea of having some cocoons.

Unlike a natural cocoon, these will be geometric, and probably be hot pink. If I have a few that are opening, they will represent the transition between being one thing evolving to the next. I can make them with card and paint them, if they’re in the uv light they might glow if I use uv reflective paint. I have some glow in the dark paint too.

Symbolic of a transition into someone or something new, and a transition from analogue to digital. 

OK, I don’t know if the dress up game is actually going to be able to be done in my space. I’m not sure I want it in the show anymore, I’d like print outs of it, for viewers to take. I think my work has moved on from it, and it was the real starting point for the current work. We shall see.

13020424_10208340432721985_322807397_n 13101286_10208340432401977_1158071856_n

I tried making cocoons today. It was a disaster. I wanted them to be geometric to match the aesthetic of my work, but I hate them. I need to work on them more. I had this image of perfectly weird cocoons, hot pink and glowing in the uv light. I tried with CARD, didn’t work very well. I made loads of frames with plant sticks, and tried wrapping them in fabric, card, clingfilm and foil. I hated them all. They don’t look right, they don’t feel right, but I REALLY want cocoons now.

I have so much to do 😥

13078112_10208340433922015_1551914815_o 13106657_10208340433121995_958389176_o 13120596_10208340433722010_2080961969_o


Photographs of my maquette to try make sense of the space. I like to plan ahead, however I am struggling. I still have so much I want to do, and I have so much space to fill. I think it may be a case of working things out once I have the space. 

After making the geometric cocoons, and deciding they were a total failure, I decided to create some realistic looking ones with foil, calico and string. To bring them into the aesthetics of the work, I have painted them pink, and sprayed them with florescent paint. You can see they glow in UV light, which is just perfect! I almost want to make a giant one…



Not wanting to waste the geometric shapes I made, I decided to turn the biggest one into a plumbob. Fans of the sims will know what I’m getting at. The plumbob sits above the head of a sim, on the popular simulation game “The sims” (not wanting to get told off for copyright or anything, I have made a different style of plumbob, but it is directly inspired by the game). I have spent many hours of my life creating the perfect people, to move into a perfect house. The game is another extension of what my work is talking about. The desire to create a new version of yourself. The metamorphosis into a better you. 

TS4_Logo_Plumbob.jpg 13094216_10208347570500425_8260590263048323119_n

 Keeping with the theme of dolls, I have an idea to cover the floor in a repeated pattern. Taking inspiration from Barbie and Moschino… I could make a tArt version. 

logo_barbie-500x312 tumblr_static_jaye7txp4ygc8kwkksw8wog0_640_v2

Trying to figure out stuff for the space. What work I have, what I need to make/find/buy/build, and where to put them. Here’s some of my ideas and doodles, done quickly on photoshop, and some quick pencil sketches and notes.

1 2 3 5 6


 In contrast to the blank canvas portrait I will have a metamorphasized version of myself. For this I’ve been researching masks.

0017f70bb4539260f0bd4f342303bc74 c1d32109aba10c2b7373b67059d5f60f b84632982a4b062d8595dfd0af9a099f

Masks have always interested me as a subject, using my inspiration

(more of which can be found here : MASKS )

and the aesthetic that has already influenced my work so far,

( which can be found here: FINE ART INFLUENCE )

I will make a mask that depicts a transition from the blank white face. This contrast will add depth into my work. 



So I am finally in my space, but the floor is being painted a week on Friday, so I can’t do much in the space until then. I have 4 plinths, and some tacky pink walls. I think the pink is great in contrast to the hot florescent pink. I’m loving this kitchy aesthetic! 

(OH whats that in the background?)

STILLS From my video experiment of metamorphosis. The wedding dress becomes the center of a change into something new, it develops and grows, it moves from being a blank canvas to a colorful creation. This was inspired by a mixture of fashion designers, such as John Galliano, gareth Pugh,  Jean Paul Gaultier, and of course Alexander McQueen.

 JEAN PAUL GAULTIER HAUTE COUTURE FALL/WINTER 2005/06 bb6bf7b052ec46381bf48358546a6b95 GAR_6083.1366x2048

The video isn’t great, the focus keeps changing, the setting is also not great, I was not great. I was using watery paint and didn’t want to get the space covered, so I put up plastic. I’m not happy with it at all. I’m going to have to think of something else, and film it in a better setting. 

P1020832 P1020833 P1020835 P1020836 P1020839


Googly eyes are the way forward. I loved them on the mask I made, and it felt right to add them to the dress. Its almost a symbol of how women are looked at, (John Berger Ways of seeing)


I am so obsessed with Bart Hess’ work. I decided to make a little latex face like he has. With my obsession with masks, it made sense to make more. One of the faces I made didn’t go well, it just flopped into a ball of weird latex. The one pictured above has much more layers of latex, and it has been dried with a heat gun, which has given it a lumpy bubbly texture. It reminds me of this video piece 

“Natural Beauty” by Lernert & Sander

I think I might have to call it “makeup made my face” 

 I’ve made a video of me destroying a dress as a form of metamorphosis. I’m not sure I like it. I love the way the dress has turned out. Just not sure on the video. I will try editing it and see where it goes.

This is a piece by Ruth Hogben and Bart Hess “PUNK: Pins and needles” I wish my videos could be like this, but I haven’t given myself enough time to think it through.

and this piece using latex:

13187891_10208400473022955_1007611782_n 13140559_10208400473262961_1652723653_n

The face off the mannequin. I really like this piece and how its turned out. I want to make more of these and combine them with the cocoons. Possibly in some weird “growing humans” type of situation.

They remind me of the Hall of faces from Game of Thrones. Weird faces just waiting to be used, silently sleeping.

13151874_989009814487197_6083070864888175665_n 13177601_989009764487202_6793845552488769354_n


I’ve been working like crazy on latex faces and the cocoons. I’m really pleased with how things are going on the making front. I’ve been very busy working on the space.

The faces take a while to make, as I only have one face to mold and the latex needs to be applied thickly, with lots of layers. The finished product is however fantastic, they’re very creepy, and look like petrified skin. Perfect for the cocoon and metamorphosis themes. As they remind me of heavily applied makeup (as in the video above), I feel they work very well within the context of changing yourself. You apply your make up, you take photos, and then upload them and await “likes”. 

The blacklights (UV) are super fun and make the cocoons and other elements stand out. The space looks great with the blue lighting. It gives a feeling of being inside a computer, but also in a space where things can grow, with the heat in the room from blackout windows and the thermal blanket wall, it really gives you the feeling of being inside an incubator or inside some machine working at full power.



I’ve sprayed my cocoons with florescent paint, they glow under a blacklight. I really like how they turned out, they’re fun, and weird, and the reflection on the thermal blankets is great. I think if they were bigger it might be better, but they take so long to make, with time restraints I’m not going to be able to make more. 

I’ve also built some Hives, made with expanding foam. Never used it before, its a great material that I’ve learnt to use. The original cocoons I made were meant to be geometric, but I didn’t like how they looked, adding the foam has really transformed them. These too are pink, and glow. I want to make a giant one in the space too. As though the transformation is taking over. 

13230163_989010014487177_9158239499304932622_n 13226889_989009784487200_5650454554019267158_n


I’ve had people saying the work reminds them of the ALIEN films. It may have had an effect on me!


I made a leg out of latex too. Its weird, like a big snot. Not sure if I will use it. It didn’t quite work as well as the faces!


I have used this blue material every year of my BA. Its a great piece of fabric. This time, I’ve hung it in the space, and sewn it into a hanging cocoon. I want to see if I can make a stand for my silver legs and put them inside somehow…

 Rachel Maclean – British Art Show 8

‘My work slips inside and outside of history and into imagined futures, creating hyper-glowing, artificially saturated visions that are both nauseatingly positive and cheerfully grotesque.’

Rachel Maclean

“…they are inspired by fairytales, horror films and TV talent shows and offer a sharp critique of contemporary culture.”

Interested in other worlds, manifestations of heavenly spaces, and childhood images of utopia. 





I’ve been creating lots of pyramids to create a giant hive in the space. Sculpture has always been an interest of mine, and the process of making is important to me, which I do not feel I get when I make digital work. I’ve got some mirrors to embed in the hive, so people can see distorted images of themselves. 

I feel like there is something missing.

I’m taking elements away, bringing them back, moving them around, but something is still not right.

I’m not happy with the projector I’ve been given, it gives a small image, and the image is distorted if I put the projector on the shelf. I’ve had to put it on a plinth and waist height, I’m not happy with this at all. 

The problem with digital work is, there is always a problem… 

I want to bring back the idea of the selfie and painting. The florescent and glow in the dark elements. 





an American artist who works in sculpture, photography, drawing and film. His early works are sculptural installations combined with performance and video. Between 1994 and 2002 he created the The Cremaster Cycle, a series of five films described by Jonathan Jones in The Guardian as “one of the most imaginative and brilliant achievements in the history of avant-gardecinema.”[1] He is also known for his past relationship with Icelandic singer Björk.

The scenes from Cycle 1 of the Cremaster cycle have stuck with me, in particular the woman inside the table. You see her trying to break through the fabric up into the grapes. I’ve decided to use this as inspiration for my video. 

Goodyear (played by Marti Domination, a performer Barney met at a New York drag club called Jackie 60) lies underneath the two tables. The tables are covered with white tablecloths that form a cocoon around her, hiding her from the hostesses (there are actually two layers of tablecloths — one over the table and one covering the base and underside of the table). Goodyear wears an elaborate platinum-blonde hairdo (the balls imbedded in her wig are actually bells, but their sound was not included on the final soundtrack), white satin lingerie, stockings with garters, and clear plastic high-heeled Manolo Blahnik shoes (one shoe has a funnel attached to the sole). Goodyear lies on a platform built under the table and puts her hands and feet on protrusions that sprout from the underside of the table. During filming, duplicate copies of Goodyear’s outfit were kept on hand so that she would always appear wrinkle-free. Goodyear makes a tear in the tablecloth(s) above her head and pins the fabric back with her hairpins. She begins to work a small hole in the tabletop. Once the hole is large enough, she reaches her fingers through and pulls grapes from the tabletop into her lair. At first she can only pluck one grape at a time, but gradually the hole widens and she can gather entire bunches of grapes. Goodyear collects grapes, and eventually they start to fall through the silver funnel on her shoe and form patterns on the floor.”

Glow in the dark craft ideas

Photographs from the installation 

Most of my decisions have been made in the moment, while building the installation. 

13230355_994906190564226_896742933165579208_n 13233046_994906340564211_3882927678968273553_n

13220814_994906120564233_8081296722851387456_n13239108_994906243897554_4099231495261718136_n 13241315_994906153897563_1852800919588783205_n 13254115_994906230564222_3868434379660815070_n 13254432_994906207230891_1142761582647499433_n 13255979_994906310564214_5616036730094479588_n

13260230_994906277230884_5764811676289478091_n 13267898_994906363897542_7411623374942875669_n

My works gone UV crazy. I’ve tried various different lights, but just the UV bulbs alone make the florescent really glow. The wall hives look fantastic, the big hive on the ground with about 30 wooden triangle frames is not so great. I had imagined there would be more expansion on the foam, and after the can exploding on my hand, I didn’t really fancy doing more. It’s still pretty weird and alien though. There are 4 faces, I’ve put uv paint on them to make them stand out, I think I need more of these. I’ve used white fabric in the space too, it glows quite well. I’ve also made two paintings that show the metamorphosis. The first is bare, simple, the second is a crazy mess, and has the dolls I’ve used attached to it. Also googly eyes. EVERYWHERE. A great representation of being watched, and being aware that we are being watched, as women. (John Berger – ways of seeing)


The space is a completely different show with the lights on. I hate it with the light on.

I feel like no matter how hard I have tried, it just does not look professional. 

More is more, I hate empty looking spaces, this is certainly not empty, but does that ruin its “professional” looking-ness?


The head/mask needs the wig. 


More foam. I HATE how this has turned out, nothing like what I envisioned! I’m so disappointed with the foam, the wall pieces are so good compared to this mess.  13238934_10208528824071651_135646004146218711_n


That plinth needs to go. The latex faces need sorting. To stressed and pressed for time to actually update properly >_<

Video is working on the projector. I have some Brian Eno music along with the vuideo. WHY have I not got any video stills on here? Its pretty good I think, surreal, ethereal. Plinth for projector sorted. I tried the projection on a black wall, but it wasn’t very clear, tried it against white paper and it looked better, but I wasn’t happy. Tried it on the white fabric. MUCH better, fits the aesthetic and its different than a boring wall. 


That is it. That’s it done. No going back, no changing it.

I’m kind of happy with it. I still wish there was MORE Foam, in big lumps, rather than this marsh of tiny blobs. It still looks kind of good, like some weird alien planet. The UV lighting is great, that is one element I love. It makes it a whole different space. With the lights on, I don’t like it. With the UV it does give the eerie effect I wanted. The latex faces are creepy. More would be better, but I was limited on making them, time wise. The cocoons look awesome, all glowy and magical. The first painting is OK, I think it could do with more work. The second is crazy and a mad mess, as it should be.

All in all, I could have done better, but I felt that I was limited on time, as most of the work sprouted when I got the space. Working to a deadline is great for motivation and inspiration, I think I work well under pressure. The space is alien, ethereal, weird, unnerving, and I do think when put with the context, that it is a fun, and exiting way of portraying the message that the digital world effects us, not only on-line, but also in our real lives.